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Don't Shoot Films is a team of filmmakers who came together primarily to make short films on SUPER 8, and have since spread to incorporate digital works.

We speak for the third wave, We speak for the renegades, we speak for alternative perspectives and horizons, we speak for a healthy creative filmmaking industry and practice. 

We are speaking for the opportunity to view NZ life, landscapes and the creative industry as a more vibrant and diverse place than it is now presented.

Don't shoot films is a collective of highly skilled and innovative artists who come together to create films and build artistic communities. We have a diverse skill bank and are passionate about using them to create groundbreaking films that reflect our voice, eye, collective practices and kaupapa.



Ella Gilbert | Samuel Austin | Frankie Berge




Grace Bentley Tsibuah | Ella Hope-Higginson | Tim Earl | Ivo Deliyski

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